Three Topics To Discuss Before You Hire A Litigation Lawyer

Regardless of your reason for having to hire a litigation lawyer, the process of selecting the person who will best represent your interests isn't one that you should take lightly. Even if you're in a hurry to find legal representation, it's important to talk to a few different lawyers before you make your final decision. In your conversations, you'll likely focus on matters such as particulars about the legal fees and the lawyer's schedule availability, but there are some other areas that you shouldn't skip talking about. The answers themselves, as well as the feeling you get from the discussion, can help you hire the right litigation lawyer to protect your interests in court. Here are some important topics to discuss.

Experience And Track Record

While many litigation lawyers are adept at handling a variety of types of cases, it's always worth asking the lawyer to recount his or her experience in dealing with legal matters similar to your own case. Find out how long the lawyer has dealt with cases of this nature and ask for some details about the lawyer's track record in representing clients in a similar situation as you. This conversation can not only help you decide on the best lawyer to hire, but can also provide you with information about the likelihood that you'll hear a favourable decision in court.

Personality Style

You don't have to have a matching personality style with your lawyer -- if you're meek and quiet, you don't necessarily want to hire a lawyer with these traits when someone who's vocal and outgoing might better represent you in court. However, it's important that you can get along with your lawyer's personality, given that you'll be dealing with him or her consistently in the weeks ahead. You don't necessarily have to ask the lawyer to explain his or her personality style; you should be able to get a feel for this information throughout the course of your introductory conversations. There's no "right answer" to seek here, but your main priority is to feel comfortable around the lawyer.

Large Vs. Small Firm

A key decision that people must make when hiring a litigation lawyer is to decide whether they want a lawyer from a large firm or a small one. There are benefits to both approaches but it's important that the situation resonates with you. For example, a lawyer at a large firm will often have a variety of legal assistants who will help him or her prepare your case. If you're eager to have the lawyer take more of a hands-on role, however, opting for someone who works at a small firm or even practices law independently might be favourable to you.