Credibility Of Witnesses Can Affect Outcome Of Car Accident Case

If you are a victim of a bad car accident, your case might end up in a courtroom. If this happens, one crucial part of your evidence might be the testimonies of those who actually witnessed the accident take place. These testimonies can either help or hurt your case, and one of the goals your attorney will have will be to find credible witnesses that can offer testimonies to help your case. Here are a few things you should realize about the witnesses and their credibility.

What Is Credibility?

Credibility is something that refers to the way other people perceive a person. It tells others whether a person is believable or not. If you have witnesses that can back up your side of the story, your attorney will want the court to view them as credible witnesses. If there are witnesses that have stories that conflict with yours, your lawyer will take steps to try to convince the court that these witnesses lack credibility.

Having credible witnesses that back up your side of the story can help you win your case, and this is why credibility is so important during a car accident case. It is even more important when a case lacks a sufficient amount of physical evidence to prove what happened during the accident.

What Tactics Can Lawyers Use To Prove Or Disprove Credibility?

When a lawyer wants to prove that a person is credible, he or she will:

  • Talk to the person to help him or her keep the story consistent
  • Ask questions in court that would only benefit your case
  • Point out key characteristics about the person that would cause the court to trust the person

On the other hand, there are a number of things lawyers can do to try to disprove a person's credibility. This would be necessary if the information the witness offers goes against your case. Here are some of the ways this is done:

  • Pointing out inconsistencies in stories
  • Bringing up moral characteristics, events, or decisions that make the witness look bad
  • Asking questions about eyesight, hearing, and other senses
  • Using intimidation to make the person nervous

As you are preparing to go to court for your car accident case, your personal injury lawyer will be working hard to find enough evidence and witnesses to prove your case. If you have not yet hired a lawyer to help you settle a car accident you were involved in, call a personal injury attorney today. To learn more, contact a legal professional like those at Lawrence Ryder Litigation Law Professional Corporation corporate litigation.